Awesome Miner Product Support

What we provide

We provide e-mail based product support for Awesome Miner where we answer any questions related to the product, how to order, how to get started and how to resolve any issues.

What's included?

  • An Awesome Miner license includes 365 days of e-mail based product support
  • Upgrading an Awesome Miner license to a higher edition will ensure a minimum of 30 days of product support.

How to get continued product support?

In order to get product support after the included period of time, sign up for either a Product Support subscription below or a Cloud Services subscription.

  • A Product Support subscription is only required after 365 days from purchasing the original Awesome Miner license
  • A Product Support subscription is not required if you already have a Cloud Services subscription, as product support is included as a part of Cloud Services

Pricing information

VAT will be added for customers in EU and other markets where required.

To order a subscription for 1,000 miners or more, please contact us for more information.

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