Product Announcement: Awesome Miner 5.0

Stockholm, May 8th, 2018 - IntelliBreeze Software AB is delighted to announce the release of Awesome Miner 5.0, a Windows application for managing and monitoring mining of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto currencies.

Awesome Miner brings powerful management features to both small scale and large scale mining operations. Awesome Miner can manage up to 10,000 miners from a single user interface and supports both ASIC and GPU mining.

Version 5.0 includes support for a number of new ASIC mining devices, including the popular Antminer B3 and X3. More ASIC miners are also supported with temperature display in addition to the mining related information.

The GPU mining software support has also been extended to include more of the popular mining software. A new feature in version 5.0 is also to allow easy allocation of specific GPU's to a mining software instance, making it possible to share the hashrate between multiple software and algorithms.

With the increased popularity of GPU mining, Awesome Miner can perform large scale GPU overclocking and configuration on remote miners. An entire mining farm can be overclocked in a single operation.

Devices operating at high temperatures or underperforming miners, even if running on remote computers, can be automatically restarted when a problem is detected. Awesome Miner also provides long-term statistics, supports data export to Excel, SSH management, Antminer features, coin statistics, automation and customizable monitoring and recovery rules.

Profitability switching is fully supported to maximize the profits of the mining operations and Awesome Miner 5.0 can also benchmark the algorithms to fine tune the profitability switcher.

Free and Paid versions
The Free version is intended for small scale mining with support for a maximum of 2 mining computers or ASIC's. The Paid versions include more powerful features and can manage very large mining operations.

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