X16r mining with Awesome Miner

The mining algorithm X16r is supported by Awesome Miner.

Mining softwareVersionMining devicesPlatformsSupport link
CcMiner 2.3.1 nVidia GPUWindows
CpuMiner-Opt 3.19.1 CPUWindowsLinux
Excavator 1.4/1.5 nVidia GPUWindows
Ravencoin Miner 2.6 nVidia GPUWindows
RavenMiner 2.2.5 nVidia GPUWindows
SgMiner-gm X16r 5.5.5 AMD GPUWindows
SgMiner-kl 1.0.9 AMD GPUWindows
TeamRedMiner 0.9.0 AMD GPUWindowsLinux
WildRig Multi Miner 0.31.2 AMD GPUnVidia GPUWindowsLinux
Z-enemy nVidia Miner 2.6.2 nVidia GPUWindowsLinux