Main window

The miners view shows the running mining processes together with their progress and statistics.
Awesome Miner main window with Bitcoin and Litecoin mining

Dashboard - Graph mode

There graph mode display statistics for all miners. In this example one Bitcoin miner and two Litecoin miners are running.
dashboard with Bitcoin and Litecoin mining

Dashboard - Table mode

The table mode displays summary of the running miners together with the Bitcoin exchange rate and current revenues.
statistics dashboard

Coin statistics

In addition to the popular Bitcoin and Litecoin, coin statistics are available for a large amount of different coins.
Crypto currency coins

Add miner wizard

Awesome Miner provides a wizard feature to make the creation of miners easier.
Miner wizard

Web statistics - including mobile support

Awesome Miner has a built-in web frontend that can be accessed from any computer, tablet or smart phone.

Web statistics

Web statistics