Manage KnC Titan using Awesome Miner

This guide describes the required steps to setup KnC Titan miner to support being monitored and managed from Awesome Miner. The change of the Titan configuration is done at your own risk and expense.

KnC Titan uses Bfgminer for performing the actual mining, but the Bfgminer API is by default not made available for other computers on the network. The following steps describe how to make the API available for Awesome Miner. Please use either method #1 (easiest) or method 2 to perform the configuration.

Method #1: Using Web Interface

  1. Open the web interface for the miner
  2. Go to the Mining section where the pool configuration can be found
  3. Use the manual edit mode where you have a small text editor to define your pools as illustrated in the screenshot below
  4. At the end of the configuration you can add the api-allow section and specify the IP address to allow (don't forget the comma sign on the line above)
  5. In the example, the following configuration has been added
    "api-allow": "W:,W:"
  6. Save the changes and restart the miner
KnC Titan configuration

Method #2: Using SSH

  1. Connect to Titan using SSH. Sign in with the username pi and password admin (or the password that was set in the Titan web interface).
  2. Change folder: cd knc-asic/RPi_system
  3. Edit configuration file: nano
  4. Scroll down a bit to find the line starting with start-stop-daemon
  5. This line is long and you need to scroll to the right to find this parameter: --api-allow="W:"
  6. Add the IP address of the computer running Awesome Miner (in this example, --api-allow="W:,W:"
  7. Exit and save the file
  8. Restart the Titan (from the Titan web interface, click Restart miner in the Mining tab

Configure Awesome Miner

Follow the add miner wizard in Awesome Miner to add Titan as an External Miner.

Screenshot of Titan with Awesome Miner

awesome miner with KnC Titan
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