Connecting to miners on remote networks

Awesome Miner can connect to any Managed Miner and External Miner as long as a valid IP address (and optionally port) is configured. The difficulty is that remote networks often are protected by a firewall/router while the miners on the remote network only have local IP addresses. There are two alternative solutions to handle this scenario.

Alternative #1: Hamachi or NeoRouter

Hamanchi LogMeIn can be used to setup a virtual network between different sites, making it possible to access all computers/miners on the different networks as if they would be on the same local network. Please read this article how to setup Hamachi.

NeoRouter is another alternative that is free to use for up to 256 devices.

Alternative #2: Configure remote router

The router on the remote network can be configured to allow port forwarding of requests from Awesome Miner to the miners on the network behind the router.

The steps will be illustrated with an example. Let's assume the following conditions where Awesome Miner will to connect to two External Miners:

  • Miner#1: Cgminer is running on remote computer #1 with internal IP Cgminer API is active on port 4028 (default)
  • Miner#2: Cgminer is running on remote computer #2 with internal IP Cgminer API is active on port 4028 (default)
  • The remote computers are connected to a router with external IP
  • Awesome Miner is running on your local computer with external IP

The remote router must be configured with the following forwarding rules, where the ports 10001 and 10002 can be changed to any available port:

  • Forward incoming requests for port 10001 to (Miner#1)
  • Forward incoming requests for port 10002 to (Miner#2)
  • Optionally: If possible in the router configuration, only enable the rules above for connections from (your computer running Awesome Miner)

Configure Awesome Miner to connect to the following two External Miners, where is the public IP of the router on the remote network. Follow the External Miner Wizard steps for each of the miners to add. Enter the following information in the wizard:

  • Description: Miner #1
    Remote host:
  • Description: Miner #2
    Remote host:
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