Performance history in Awesome Miner

Awesome Miner has two ways of providing performance history.

  • Dashboard with real-time statistics
    Awesome Miner can display real-time statistics for the last hour of mining.
  • Long-term performance history
    Awesome Miner can save all statistics for more than a year, and also provide features for generating charts and exporting all data as CSV-files. The CSV-export feature can be used to import data to Excel for even more powerful data processing and visualization.


The performance history settings are configured in the Options dialog of Awesome Miner, in the Performance history section. Both the dashboard for real-time statistics and the long-term performance history are configured in this section.

performance history in Awesome Miner

Accessing the Performance history

The long-term Performance history dialog can be access from the toolbar in the main window of Awesome Miner, in Tools -> Performance history. Only the selected miners will be used in the dialog.

The Performance history dialog provides features to export to CSV-file, generate chars and reset all history. All statistics are saved in 5 minute groups, but can be visualized in groups of 1 hour or 1 day as well.

performance history in Awesome Miner

Performance charts

The performance charts can display hashrate and optionally device temperature.

performance charts
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