Awesome Miner Cloud Services - Configuration

Cloud Services settings can be access using the button in the lower left corner of the Awesome Miner main window.

The Cloud Settings configuration page contains the following settings:

  • Cloud Services: To use Cloud Services, set to one of the Enabled options
  • Site identifier: If Awesome Miner main application is installed on multiple sites with the same account, a unique Site identifier must be specified for each site. From the Cloud Services web site, the site to display can be selected from the menu.
  • Password: The password is defined on the web site for Awesome Miner Cloud Services. The same password must be entered here.
  • Send heartbeat to Cloud Services: If enabled, Awesome Miner will send a heartbeat to the Cloud Services. Cloud Services will monitor the heartbeat of the Awesome Miner application to provide notifications for network or power failures where Awesome Miner is unable to send notifications. The settings below can be used to specify if E-mail or SMS should be sent in case of a missing heartbeat.

Sites - Multiple instances of Awesome Miner

In general it's not recommended to run multiple instances of Awesome Miner. The purpose of Awesome Miner is to provide centralized management for all mining operations, and if remote sites are used the recommendation is to setup a secure VPN network.

If two Awesome Miner instances are used, both can be configured to push mining statistics to the Cloud Services. Each instance must be configured with a unique Site identifier (see above).

The Cloud Services web interface can show information from one site at a time. To change site to display, go to the Account menu and click Select site as illustrated below.

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