Awesome Miner Cloud Services subscription

Please review and accept the terms below to continue:

  • Awesome Miner Cloud Services is an optional extension to Awesome Miner. The license for Awesome Miner is a one time license cost, while Awesome Miner Cloud Services is a subscription service billed either annually or monthly. The first 30 days of the Cloud Services subscription are free.
  • In order to use the Cloud Services, you must have a license for Awesome Miner. It's not possible to use the Cloud Services without a paid license for Awesome Miner.
  • The subscription can be cancelled at any time during the first 30 days without any charges. After 30 days, the subscription will be billed annually or monthly. The subscription can still be cancelled at any time, resulting in no more renewals. No refunds are given for any remaining time, but the Cloud Service can still be used for the period of time that was already paid for.
  • The notification services are only intended for sending SMS messages to you and your team. It's not allowed to send SMS messages to other people or services that are unrelated to the mining operations.
  • The SMS quota is restored the 1st each month. Unused SMS quota from previous month will not be transferred.
  • The user of the Cloud Services has the full responsibility of securing the account and protecting it with a strong password.

To continue, you need to enter your existing license information. You need to provide your E-mail address and Registration code exactly as specified in the Options dialog of Awesome Miner, Registration section. In this dialog, you need to click the Modify button to be able to copy your current Registration code and paste it below.

It's important to enter your current e-mail address for your existing Awesome Miner license in the next step of the ordering process.